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    “I have commented in the past, but I must comment again. Ken and Barbara Sibley continue to be at the top of my “Impressed Me” list. Bro. Ken begins his presentations by making a point of telling that he does not “do” magic, that his illusions are “tricks” anyone could do if they knew how and practiced a lot. He then begins to present the gospel simply by word and with his illusions. Sis. Barbara adds her talents to the mix and when you put their talents together the result is a blessing to all who see and hears them and many young people after hearing the plan of salvation, respond by trusting the Lord. They were our guest this year (2013) at Southwest Baptist camp. We want them back when their schedule will allow it.”

    Pastor Weeks DuBose
    Westwood Baptist Church, Odessa, TX

    “God blessed Loveland Baptist Church this past week through the ministry of Ken and Barbara Sibley (Gospel illusionist and ventriloquist). We were blessed to see 5 professions of faith (a 10 year old, three 11 year olds and a 50 year old). What a blessing the Sibley’s were to our congregation and ministry. I join others who recommended them and their ministry outreach as a real blessing to the Lord’s churches. In addition to our blessings, on Wednesday evening, May 3, the Sibley’s were with the Greeley Missionary Baptist Church, Greeley, Colorado, and a young man was saved there. Brother David Mundy, Missionary in Brighton, Colorado, called me Sunday evening to say they also had 3 professions of faith in their services following the Sibley’s presentation. To God be the glory. I anxiously await a message from Missionary Jon Kuhn in Thornton, Colorado, concerning the Sibleys ministry there.”

    Missionary John Sanders
    Loveland Baptist Church, Loveland, CO

    “Last Sunday we had Bro. Ken Sibley and his wife Barbara with us for the morning service. They were also with the Asian Mission in the afternoon. Bro. and Sis. Sibley are sponsored by Temple Missionary Baptist Church and Pastor Joe Culberson of Michigan City, Indiana. Bro. Sibley is a Missionary Baptist preacher who uses illusions. His wife is a skilled ventriloquist and singer. They did an excellant job of presenting the gospel to our adults and jr. groups combined. There presentation was true to the Bible. The crowning of the day was the salvation of two of our young people following the service. We reccomend Bro.& Sis. Sibley. They are a fine christian couple. Easy to be with and who love the Lord.”

    Pastor Tom and Betty Hanson
    Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Sterling Heights, MI

    “I was babysitting for Gracie Slay (daughter of Lynne & Jack Slay who were members at the mission in St Marys, Georgia until they moved back here to Acworth). Gracie is four, and we were at the church and she looked at the poster of the ABA missionaries on the wall. I was showing her missionaries that we knew and got to Ken’s photo. I said, “This is Mr. Sibley.”…She immediately told me that she knew Mr. Sibley and started telling me all about the program you had done at the mission in great detail. Obviously your message is effective as proven by what a four year old can remember.”

    Donna Rouse
    Acworth, GA



    “I wanted to inform you that we had two more teens saved today at our weekly youth meeting. Joe was the young boy who was so convicted last week that he fled to the bathroom. Anna was a young lady who’s been with us for a while but was not there last week. This makes eight salvations so far this month. We also had another young lady join us making our total number of attendees to be 21 7th and 8th graders. I have no doubt there will be more coming and more saved. Thanks for being with us last week and sharing your program. Our ladies really enjoyed it as well. God bless you in your work for Him. See you in Florida.”

    Pastor Jon Kuhn
    Thornton, CO

    “We just had Bro. Ken Sibley and his wife, Barbara, for a One-Day VBS. Due to Katrina, we lost VBS teachers and some of the teachers who are still here are not settled in their homes. Therefore, we opted for a One-Day VBS and invited the Sibleys to come and do the teaching. VBS has always been a special event and a great community outreach ministry of our church. We did the games, songs, and provided a spaghetti lunch for everyone. Everything was organized and with the teaching taken care of, we could function. Bro. Sibley did a professional job!!! Before his salvation he did shows in Las Vegas and toured with Bob Hope. He teaches and preaches using object lessons (Illusions) to illustrate spirtual truths and principles in the Bible. All ages were captivated by his presentation. Sister Barbara is a good singer and does a good job with her ventriloquism. The children loved it! I should say, everyone loved it. They did a presentation on Sunday morning and those in their 80’s were thrilled with the methods used. We recommend them to you. They need support for salary and expenses. They will come to your church for a Love Offering. Our people responded generously, even above my expectation. They can be reached at 859-321-6634.”

    Pastor H. Carrol Lewallen
    Gautier Baptist Church, Gautier, MS

    “I wanted to thank you again for calling and stopping for our AWANA club last Wednesday. You were a blessing to us all, especially the kids. I wanted to let you know that Cameron, the little boy that was saved Wed. night, walked the aisle this morning and made his public profession of faith. He is supposed to be baptized tonight. Thank you again and may God bless you and keep you safe while traveling.”

    Tony Squyres
    AWANA Commander

    “Hi, I dont know if you remember me but you came to our Church in Arkansas. Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. I really like your show and am very happy you were there because I got saved that night. Thank You for coming to our church. I hope some day you can come back! I will probably remember you the rest of my life. From Dylan”

    “Many of the young people we reach in our AWANA outreach are unchurched. The ventriloquism and object lessons used by Ken and Barbara Sibley to present the gospel captivated the attention of young people from five years old through High School. Our adults were very impressed with the quality of the illusions and ventriloquism. More importantly the gospel was presented using Scripture in a way that was easy to understand. After the presentation the Lord blessed with 17 solid professions of faith. We have already started baptizing some of these and have gotten into several families homes to further share the gospel. The presentation was an excellent compliment to the months of Bible Study these young people had experienced in AWANA. We are thankful for the love Ken and Barbara have for their Lord and for children.”

    Dean Grigsby
    Senior Pastor
    Faith Baptist Church, North Little Rock, AR

    “The ministry of the Sibley’s is really incredible. When they came and presented it here in Kalispell it was very well recevied. The gospel message was presented clearly in and easy to grasp format. I must say they would definitely be helpful to your VBS, Camp, or other outreach activities. Please invite them to your work and pray for them as they step out in faith to serve God in a very “Outside of the Box” kind of way.”

    Pastor Jason Williams
    Northwest Baptist Church, Kalispell, MT

    “I would like to put in a good word for the ministry of Ken and Barbara Sibley. Bro. Ken and his wife Barbara were with us in January and presented the gospel in word, songs and illusions for the kids and adults alike. Bro. Ken’s talent in the area of illusions is outstanding. I have always enjoyed watching good illusionists, but they had to be good to hold my attention. I must say, Bro. Ken is top notch capturing and holding the attention of young and old alike. His presentation of the gospel is clear and simple, and his illusions are most appropriate in illustrating his message. Sis. Barbara’s ability both as a ventriloquist and a vocalist is outstanding. For what it is worth, I enthusiastically recommend them and their ministry. I am not easily impressed by illustionists, but I must say that the presentation of the gospel through illusions made by Ken and Barbara was one of the best I have ever seen. We believe in their ministry so much that we have added them to our monthly mission budget. We will definitely have them back again. Anyone wishing to visit with me about their programs may correspond with me by writing me at”

    Pastor Weeks DuBose
    Westwood Baptist Church, Odessa, TX

    “It was a pleasure meeting you at Camp Glenwood. You have a wonderful ministry for reaching souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God Bless You!”

    Ted Warren

    “On behalf of the members of the South Gate Church, I would like to thank you for being such a huge part of our VBS closing. We were very blessed by your presentatons and the children really were entertained and I also believe really got something out of it. It was nice seeing you again and we will enjoy reading your newsletter and hope we will see you again soon. God bless you and your ministry.”

    Dorothy Meek

    “Our church thanks you so much for your ministry, and the investment you made in our community. We may never know the impact of the short time we spent together. Since you came one little boy has pursued salvation. He is asking questions and his understanding is coming around. His mother is lost and his father has now become more concerned about his condition (thinks he was saved as a child, but unsure). One family who attended has 2 lost children of accountable age, and mom (who was present) and dad are searching for answers about God. There were many more unsaved in attendance. Your ministry has given great support to, and a tangible reinforcement of the Gospel message. Thank you for your friendship and help in the Lord’s work.

    Pastor Steve Riding

    “Praise God for this great God sent Ministry. Thanks for helping us minister to over 350 people over the weekend in our “Ministry in the Park”. The Sunday morning presentation was also awesome.”

    Pastor Charlie Ellison
    Life Bridge Baptist Church

    “This weekend in the Bay Area Park of Clear Lake, Texas with Ken and Barbara was such a Blessing, to see God’s Word presented in such a new and exciting way. The adults as well as the children enjoyed All of the numerous ways God’s Word was taught. We all love Zeek too. God Bless You as You both continue in The Lord’s Work. Thank You!”

    Larry & Rachel Sesser
    Life Bridge Baptist Church

    “Bro. Jospeh and I were out visiting a prospective family that has interest in attending our church this past Monday. During the visit the 11 year old boy showed us a trick with a paper airplane with the cross and the letters H-e-l-l. I asked him if he got that from you and your wife and he siad yes. He was saved but has since shared this with many of his family and friends. Thought it might serve as a reminder that despite the devil’s efforts God still receives the glory! God bless!”

    Pastor Pete Underwood